• Each of these Angel Crystals are linked to one of the Archangels

    Angel Crystals are hand crafted from the mineral called Selenite

    Found as a soft, satin white stone with fine feather like ribbings reminiscent of angel wings. Selenite has an ethereal quality and is said to inhabit the place between light and matter.

    Divine Gifts
  • We Are All Amplifiers Of Energy ....and we choose what energy we want to amplify

    Selenite has a very fine, clear vibration and is closely linked to the angelic realms. Selenite opens the higher chakras bringing clarity of mind and inviting higher guidance.

    Angel Prayers
  • A Prayer To The Archangels

    Each Crystal is linked to one of the Archangels and comes with a special prayer card to help you remember the divine gifts that each Angel is holding for you each day

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  • Guardian Crystal

    There is a very strong bond that exists between our own guardian angel and ourselves.

    This crystal has been lovingly programed to open its wearer to this Devine and life long bond. And to assist in opening a channel for clearer communication between this real and that of your guardian.

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  • Communication with the Devine is always welcomed with love, and angelic guidance is available to anyone who seeks it.

    Quartz crystals unique helical spiral crystalline form makes it the most powerful healing stone and amplifier of energy on this planet.

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Guardian Angel Crystals

Newly created Guardian Angel Crystals are helpful in opening the wearer to the Divine and life long bond that exists with ones guardian angel. And in assisting in opening a channel for clearer communication between this realm and that of the guardians.

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Archangel Crystals

  Each Angel Crystal relates to one of fifteen major Archangels, helping us to connect to the gifts and teachings that each of these Divine beings have to offer us Each Angel Crystal comes with a unique prayer card with a unique prayer written to each of these fifteen Angels

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